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  • Solution Overview of Digital Media Optimization

    Solution Overview of Digital Media Optimization

    Learn how Origami Logic helps marketers improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their digital media campaigns.

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  • Data Quality & Monitoring

    Data Quality & Monitoring

    Origami Logic fetches and processes marketing-related data on a daily basis from a wide variety of sources, including social platforms, ad systems, and web analytics.

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  • Adaptive Data Collection

    Adaptive Data Collection

    Help your team to reduce time spent wrangling spreadsheets and move valuable resources to find actionable insights.

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  • Origami Stories

    Origami Stories

    Discover the benefits and ease of automatically surfacing information, observations, alerts and insights from daily marketing performance metrics and KPIs.

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  • Solution Overview for Brands

    Solution Overview for Brands

    With Origami, marketers can optimize their efforts in real-time, make better decisions that drive growth and have a greater impact on the business.

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  • Solution Overview for Agencies

    Solution Overview for Agencies

    Provide media transparency with real-time campaign data to foster a consultative relationship with your clients.

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  • Origami Logic Dashboards

    Origami Logic Dashboards

    Learn how Origami Logic helps the largest global brands master the art and science of their marketing performance with dashboards.

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  • Unified Data Engine

    Unified Data Engine

    Find out how the Origami Logic enables marketers to accelerate decision-making and continually optimize their performance.

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  • OpenConnect


    Read about Origami Logic's utility for automated data collection collection and data quality management.

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  • Origami Workbench

    Origami Workbench

    Now analytics teams can access marketing data directly and support complex reporting requests while reducing human error, workload and turnaround times.

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  • InsightStudio


    Learn how to explore your data to discover issues and opportunities so you can build marketing dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Marketing Data Stream

    Marketing Data Stream

    The Origami Unified Data Engine provides a granular stream of marketing data across paid, owned and earned media sources updated on a daily basis.

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  • Open Architecture

    Open Architecture

    Origami Logic can easily accept data from any marketing source, export cleansed marketing data for external reporting or modeling and share insights and results.

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  • CMO Dashboard

    CMO Dashboard

    Origami Logic's dashboard allows you to monitor and express marketing's contribution with continuous, always-updated marketing performance results.

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  • Your Marketing Dashboard

    Your Marketing Dashboard

    The marketing dashboard harmonizes all of your marketing performance data in the way that is most effective for you.

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  • Video Campaign Dashboard

    Video Campaign Dashboard

    Get transparency into video campaigns across all channels with Origami Logic's video campaign dashboard.

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  • Media Transparency Dashboard

    Media Transparency Dashboard

    From customizable real-time marketing results, to campaign objectives, to performance insights, the marketing dashboard provides media transparency specifically for you.

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