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Pave the Path to Marketing Success: Forrester + Origami Logic

August 3, 2016

Learn how to plan and successfully deploy a marketing measurement initiative

Marketing faces a two-fold measurement challenge today: increasing demands to quantify the ROI of every dollar spent and a more complex array of media, channels, and touchpoints that influence consumers. This demanding situation requires sophisticated tools, a broad collection of skills, and a comprehensive approach to deliver accurate answers. Guest Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail discusses results of recent research into best practices in marketing measurement. In addition, viewers will learn: - What does it take to build a comprehensive measurement strategy today?
 - Whom should marketing recruit as partners in implementing this strategy?
 - What role should marketing play in leading a measurement project? - How can other functions contribute to success?
 - How can marketing leaders ensure the learning from their measurement programs will result in improved marketing performance?

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