How Top Brands Unify Social Measurement Across the Marketing Stack

Social data stuck in a silo? As the social landscape fragments, the variety of ways that consumers engage with your brand continues to grow. Knowing what to measure, and making sense of every interaction that is happening across your platforms and properties, has become an incredible, time-consuming challenge.

While social media management and execution tools provide basic reporting, modern marketing campaigns require a comprehensive and holistic approach to measurement and analysis in order to realize their full potential. Global brands such as Visa, Intel, Pernod Ricard, and JCPenney are tackling the complexity of social by standardizing and scaling best practice measurement across paid, owned, and earned media. Tracking marketing performance across all channels and platforms in real time, they are able to assess and optimize their marketing strategies, faster.

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  • How global brands are tackling the challenge of integrated social measurement

  • How to integrate paid, owned, and earned activities into a real-time command center

  • How to use tags and labels within your social execution platforms (Sprinklr, Spredfast, etc.) as part of a unified measurement strategy 

  • How to combine social signals with other channels (web, search, display, etc.) to identify integrated engagement opportunities
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