Measure Marketing Like It's 2016: A Guided Tour of the Newest Tools & Techniques

Learn how marketing measurement should be analyzed and prioritized for max value

There are currently more than 4,000 marketing technology companies worldwide, according to industry thought leader Scott Brinker. With marketers placing increasing emphasis on ROI and accountability, the solution category that focuses on cross-channel measurement and analytics is seeing explosive growth. Leading brands are investing in technology to automate campaign measurement and enhance their real-time understanding of strategies that drive marketing performance.

Join Origami Logic for an overview of the latest marketing measurement tools and techniques, and learn how these innovations will interact with your current technology stack and processes. In this presentation, you’ll get:

  • Snapshot of the fastest-growing category of marketing technology: marketing measurement and analytics
  • Review of each of the major solutions in the space, and what value they provide to your business
  • Guidelines for how to assess and prioritize marketing measurement investments in 2016
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