The 'Truthiness' of Marketing Attribution

In this presentation, you will discover the 'truthiness' (for those of you who are Stephen Colbert fans) of marketing attribution. Modern marketers now depend on a growing number of digital and offline channels - web, email, social, search, display, video, television, out of home, radio and many more - to deliver messages to their audiences.

Faced with increased accountability for ROI and frequent requests for campaign metrics, marketers are scrambling to determine which channels are performing best and how to allocate budget to maximize sales. It’s no wonder that marketers are rushing to attribution solutions, in an effort to decipher data and assign credit to specific channels and touchpoints. However, marketers often face a rude awakening when they realize that attribution models fail to reveal the whole truth and can’t answer some of their most urgent, time-sensitive questions.

Join us to gain a clear understanding of the four key limitations of attribution and learn how to:

  • Establish a data foundation and measurement framework
  • Develop an “always-on” view of multi-channel performance
  • Test and optimize to assess and determine lift
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